These are the rules that you must follow when connected to any DONK Service.

  • No Game bans within the last 90 days
  • No VAC bans less than 15 days.
  • No having more than 1 game banned account.
  • No Alt accounts of any kind
  • No cheating or exploiting allowed
  • No playing or teaming with cheaters
  • No advertising or self-promotion
  • No NSFW or obscene content
  • No doxing, racism, sexism or toxicity
  • No spamming in game chat
  • No lagging the server with exploits
  • No stream sniping
  • No special treatment
  • No harassing or impersonating staff
  • Do not exceed group/team limits (server specific)
  • Use F7 to report players to Facepunch/Also seen by DONK admins
  • Admins/Moderators do not play on the server
  • Admins/Moderators do not accept bribes
  • Admins/Moderators do not remove items

Violating these rules may result in a mute or ban from all DONK services without appeal and/or refund of unused subscription time.